Kite Academy and badass sessions again!

31 Jul

I’m so happy to come back once again to this awesome spot. This time with more friends and for much longer- whole month! Conditions heve been great so far. Mostly light wind but just enough to do anything you want and by that I mean you can really think about any trick and just land it with “no problemo” the same day.

We’re staying in Kite Academy school. They welcomed us very warm especially Sedat who is a good friend and I hope we’ll get a chance to make a proper video this year together.  If you’re interested in more details about Kite Academy check their website:

During past week I’ve been warming up and trying to get to the level from the end of last season. Because to tell the truth I felt on the water  like a little girl before coming back here. Now it’s complately diffrent and I started to progres step by step every day. With a long list of “tricks to do” I’m trying to check them all off. Yeah, I can say for sure that riding here gives me so much fun!

Yesterday Denis shot some of mine tricks from a little session. Handycam quality and hands of an alcoholic… sory for that.






9 Jun

that’s what happens if you film with gopro. Couple of days more at wakeprojekt and I think it will be enough for a little video.


Sliders cable

25 May

short video from El Gouna:

good times in El Gouna

25 Apr


It’s been really busy for last few days here in El Gouna. We had some wind at the begining of this week and then switched to cable on wednesday. I feel there’s so much to do with the cable working here- it’s complately diffrent as it used to be. In Red Sea Zone i tried my new kites for the first time and I’m still waiting for that kind of session when everything is perfect to see how these kites really work. So far I’ve had some bad luck in choosing time to ride because it was always when it got choppy or the wind dropped so I didn’t get the chance to go for bigger tricks. On the other hand cable gives me a lot of fun every day and today we managed to catch some action on tape. Even though you can complain about many little things I just can’t wait to hit sliders again. I’m so tired now- el gouna became truly intense this year!



Red Sea Zone!

19 Apr

Once again I came back to RSZ in El Gouna. I didn’t excpect it will be so HOT now.

I have some new toys so I’m really excited to go out on the water. New set of Chaos kites from cabrinha and two pretty god damn epic wakestyle boards from SU-2

thanks a lot for that stuff.

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Happy Easter everybody!

Recap vol.2

5 Apr

I still managed to find some interesting pictures on my laptop. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Back home on my backup disk I have many more for sure.

NIK_2244I used to have this at home.

Wiek show

another mobe sequance. also the spot I just love- Rugen Island

DSC_3791 modified

raley to blind from Paracuru, Bras. It was 2009 and I just wanted to land raleys like Aaron in first Gordon movie “Invent”


and 3 years later probably worst event of my life in Łeba where I presented how to bodydrag for 7 minutes in the final heat.


next day I was pissed so I took it out on the water and broke a board eventually.


beautiful place in Vietnam. amazing lagoon not far from the sea. unfortuantelly not possible to ride there




2 Apr

I have so many pictures that I decided to choose some and post them here to remind of cool moments from last few years. Here it goes:


Sylt. Conditions are always rough there.


mobe sequance by Hela


Vietnamese people watching


one of the first toeside attempts. didn’t go well so I decided it’s stupid


El Gouna back in 2010

IMG_7201 (Medium)

and probably the best christmass photo I’ve ever had. who the hell is this guy next to me?


catching fives and cruising among ws/kitesurfers kamikaze


Thailand 2012?




hanging out with Paula


Cumbuco sunset with my love Denis


the legendary sunbathing contest 2011 edition


praso lifestyle. tent with panoramic view 2011


black mountain cable park. really cool place and the best trips back on NOT working scooters.


Vietnam bus trip


egypt last year


my old bar. originally red and blue


WKL Cabo photoshot


after long day. intense waiting for the wind since the morning then started kiting  just before sunset


fun session, haha. Rodos back in 2011





caveman kongo rising


Pawełek “front mobe”

dikej mistrz01

2012 Kicz is STYLE in Polish


Bras 2009/2010?


Miedzyzdroje. “be my guest'”- hotel Amber


Rodos 2012


back 2 blind


Tarifa last year


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