Shinn international team

20 Jun

Hello everybody!

I’m very happy to announce that I joined Shinn International team. I hope to have an amazing season with the whole crew.





24 May

here’s a short video from Egypt. I posted more details on vimeo…



tuc tuc racing!

28 Apr

for the first time ever (I’m quite sure…) filmed in El Gouna.


session with world champ & fashion victims

25 Apr

Flat water session at Rewa was truly a great way to start season in Poland. It was cold but wind was just right and from time to time we even got sunbeams.


I arrived in Rewa in the morning. We waited a little for rest of the crew so I watched the spot and conditions. It was unusual to see that spot complately empty. But before kiting you always have to check if your outfit is on top of the game.

SONY DSCMy style designed by surf fashion critic DAirush Ziomek came across great outburst of negative emotions in local community. It was so radical that special forces were called to sort out this commotion.


DAirush and his fashion victims.SONY DSC

Of course we managed to explain new trends from the west and could go kiting without further problems. We used 13m’s- it was perfect.


Weather was really good and we had the whole spot for ourselves. And what a crew it was! Helena Brochocka (whom I saw for the first time riding in such cold conditions), Christophe Tack, Rafał Hoc, Ziomek and Marek Ertel.


DAirush was filming new webisode for his fashion channel on youtube. This time (from what I believe-little spoiler here) DAirush talked about choosing right color of boots and board and UV durability of stickers.


Maniana couldn’t keep up with fashion advice and decided to leave the spot on foot.IMG_6682


Unluckily on that day precisely some underwater mines were supposed to be detonated and the whole area was closed for any water sports or whatever. From what I knew they found some WWII “leftovers” this month and one guy from coastguard tried really hard to kick us out from that perfect flat water. So sadly I must admit it wasn’t just my outfit…


In the end we didn’t see any explosions and the only bombs in my mind were those we were throwing with MR Tackie on the water!!!



Check out the full gallery below. Enjoy & stay true!


some last thoughts about El Gouna

25 Apr

Hello there!

I’m back in Poland since last week so I thought it would be nice to sum up Spring Jamboree 2015. It has been maybe my best trip to Egypt so far- conditions were really amazing. I spent most of the time on the water kiting but also went few times to Sliders cable park and it was perfect. So once again I’ll invite you to a little photo story from my trip.

photo credit: Piotr & Jan Szlagowski

Everything starts here- typical view from RSZ on a windy day. When we came there it was quiet and first couple of days we enjoyed on an empty spot since not so many people were in El Gouna that time.




Although it was windy most of the time, we had few days with very strong and cold wind. One session with side off-shore was gnarly. Gusty wind but complately flat water waited for me then.






Thats how our Easter breakfest looked like



…and some other “food treatments”. STRAWBERRIES !!!



So I got fat.



Sunsets in Egypt are beautiful





Finally the day of Spring Jamboree start came


many people arrived and I was excited to take part in the event. this is openning skipers meeting



when it wasn’t windy we did some wakeboarding. Durring Spring Jamboree all competitors could go to cable park for a sesh to keep us busy all the time








I tried some new obsticles and tricks. One I’m happy about was frontblind and I learned that C-rail isnt so bad.




of course good old funbox was my favourite one.



these are some riders from the event.




I did all my best and in the end I took second place in freestyle and I won best trick contest. Here are some pics from the competition.




It was fantastic two weeks. We got lucky with conditions and had a great time in El Gouna. Now back to REAL life.




Sliders cable park anihilation

20 Apr

I’m not good at wakeboarding but maybe at least I will learn to ride “OK” some day- who knows.

here is my first attempt of frontblind.

Spring Jamboree photo story

17 Apr

Here’s a little post from fantastic kite event in El Gouna.


photo credit: Piotr & Jan Szlagowski

I had some really good sessions over last 2 weeks…




I enjoyed riding for myself on clear flat water. Lagoon wasn’t so good this time because of high tide hours, but I had my waterproof music set so even cruising here and there was cool.


I tried some big moves when there was no one watching…


at Spring Jamboree was completely different. So many guys came to compete and I had a blast to ride against them- even though it was a chill event I liked the idea to do heats again.




we also spent a lot of time on the beach to watch other riders, especially juniors who had their heat reran 2 times because of the wind. it was hot and everybody was excited so we didn’t mind that.



I managed to win “low wind” best trick contest with a sweet MOBE 5


the whole day was a bit chaotic because of the wind which was changing all the time. Luckily we did the best trick and even Russians who were always lost (they made the whole event just crazy and super fun!) showed some skill. Look how many of us was there!!!



thanks to Sliders cable park we also did some wakeboarding during the event. I had so much fun to hit all these features with my friends.



I learned grabbed tantrums which now are just simple shit but mayby some day I will upgrade them. mobydicks or blind landings?


of course we filmed some tricks on gopro



and I was really happy to go there when I wasn’t kiting.



So to sum up Spring Jamboree I have to say that it was an amazing event with many cool people. It was my first time to take part in it and I had so much fun. Hope to see you guys on the water next year too!






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