trip down memory lane #2016 videos

10 Apr

I started 2016 with a long trip around Asia. Spent there 3 months and had many good sessions in Pranburi, Thailand. Unfortunately I couldn’t ride all the time because of a rib injury. I tried to go back on the water once I was in Vietnam in April but it wasn’t perfect and apart from that wind season was ending there so I didn’t have much opportunity to ride. Anyway I shot this short movie and I was really happy with the result:

Back in Poland I did one downwinder from Hel to Rewa by myself. I didn’t have a car and thought it would be the easiest way to come back home after weekend of kiting.

I spent the end of 2016 editing my video from Thailand. It was a proper movie, even though it took some time I had fun making it.


trip down memory lane #2015 videos

7 Apr

This is a recap of most of my 2015 edits.

That year I had a lot of good sessions in Rewa which is probably the best flatwater spot in Poland and luckily it’s the closest spot to my home as I only need a 20minutes drive to get there.

Next I visited one of my favourite places- Gokova, Turkey. This is a movie filmed in the summer and my toeside game was on point back then. Quite a nice movie with really good riding.

Of course the facken coolest movie ever filmed in Turkey is the legendary “STRAIGHT OUTTA GOKOVA”!!!

Meanwhile after I’ve joined team Shinnworld in April we did some proper work on photoshoots over summer. We filmed a lot on Fuerte and had a few rad sessions in Poland. Here is a teaser video, ADHD product clip and my 2015 profile video. Fuerte photoshoot was really fun and goddamn intense! One week of constant move- filming, riding, chasing best conditions, setting up gear. I was on Fuerte once before and I didn’t like it but after our Shinn photoshoot I changed my mind completely.

I finished 2015 season in Egypt, RedSeaZone (best place in Egypt, I simply love this spot!). Weather was fantastic and I had some of the most powerfull sessions of the season. Did my first “tackflip” there and I was kiting with music ALL THE TIME (which I strongly recommend to anybody who would like to enjoy every second on the water)



2016 Trick Edit [trailer]

12 Dec

Check out the trailer for my upcoming 2016 sum-up. It was filmed in Thailand in March.

I’m still working on it and hope to finish it by Christmas. Check my FB page for more info.

Xcel Wetsuits

21 May

I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined Xcel Wetsuit team. Got a package from them last week and I’m ready to test my new stuff.

This season I will be riding in Infinity Comp wetsuits line which will  keep me warm and free to move at the same time.



SỮA ĐÁ movie

1 May


I present to you my latest movie filmed in Vietnam. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

If you have any thoughts share it with me.

Thai Views vol.5

1 Apr

I managed to take this picture of the moon and the sun at the same time.


In Hutsadin Elephant Foundation. If you like to see elephants in Hua Hin this is the place where you should go!

Sunrise- view from the mountain near the kite spot, I don’t know how was it called.


Pranburi street market. For sure I have more pictures from this place- it was extraordinary, real thai vibes and delicious food.


at the beach. evening activities in front of Yoda Kiteschool


I don’t know where we went that day, but somebody important was there as well


view up while entering a cave


walking with an elephant!


water park chill




Thai Views vol.4

29 Mar