kitejamboree freeride

13 Nov

Watch my new video from Egypt! Lot’s of positive vibes for all of you. I will write something about it soon.

if you like HD version then go directly to my vimeo channel as I’m not able to share the video in the best quality here. I guess they don’t care anymore unless you pay…


Kite Jamboree videos

26 Oct

Enjoy videos from this year kitejamboree competition:





back in El Gouna

21 Oct


I’m in Egypt right now which if you think about weather in Poland is excellent. Here is hot, windy and I enjoy every day either kiting or wakeboarding. I took part in kitejamboree freestyle jam which was cool. In the finals wind was great for smaller kites and I guess we put on a good show.

A no i z racji tego, że uciekłem przed tym całym bagnem wyborczym POzdorwienia z PISkiem opon, haha!

Straight Outta Gokova

12 Oct

the most progressive rider on the planet. I guess no further comments needed.

goal for this year!

2 Sep

Here are my 2 attempts of “Tsunami BS720” . I tried it few times in Turkey and I really want to land it before the end of 2015. I think one attempt before guys took the camera out was pretty serious so it’s a good chance that you will see me nailing it soon.

take care!

teaser for 2016 Shinnworld movie

31 Aug

Hi guys!

Check out the teaser for an upcoming movie of 2016 Shinn boards. It was great fun a quite some work to shoot this one with dzida production.

Enjoy & spread the word!

2016 Cabrinha gear

12 Aug

Hi there,

Last week info about new stuff was released on I’m very excited about upcoming year, especially about new Chaos which I had a chance to try in Turkey. Kite is a proper c-shape now. Another major difference is a new bar with a 6-line setup ONLY which is very cool in my opinion.

I used it only with a “middle” setting so let’s just say that I got to know the feeling of the kite but I didn’t try every possible configuration. Therefore I just can wonder how much diffrence it really is between all these settings. You can basically adjust both steering and power lines as well as additional support lines (6-line setup). It gives you many possibilities of trimming the kite exactly how you want to use it. On the water the kite felt very direct and responsive. Without bridles it generates much more pop. For sure it was more agressive than previous Chaos models but, as for me, it had many advantages over other “big brands” c-shapes.


Personally I hate 5th line. I think it’s just a stupid idea for brands that cannot produce efficient kites without it. On the other hand classic 4 line setup is demanding for making a good freestyle machine. Without bridles it’s hard to make it stable as you could see in shotsling which is trying some wierd shit to make it work nicely. So actually 6-line setup is something that everybody should just want in their freestyle kites. It’s a very smart solution which resolves all problems. Of course it has been done before by company called Flexifoil. I happen to ride on hadlowpros for quite some time. So here’s my only question that I had before trying new Chaos: “how similar is this stuff to good old hadlowpro?”. If you ever tried flexi and didn’t like it at once you probably don’t understand anything about freestyle kites. It was insane to ride with flexi and MOST of the people enjoyed it more than any other kites whatever they tried before. Of course it had many faults like poor relaunch or shitty quality but in general it was one of the best or just THE BEST kite for freestyle.

So when I heard that Cabrinha is making something similar I got very excited. Quality is amazing. Pictures don’t really show how for example light and well done is the bar for Chaos. it’s just ART! Kite itself is very neat and as a cabrinha product it will endure a lot. It’s not a suprise for anybody- thay have years of experience in making this stuff.

Comparing to hadlowpro it was a bit more civilised. With a setting I used it had more depower (range) and was less direct and tough as flexi. Of course you could change that easily but it was a “middle ground” so I was mostly curious about this setting. Riding was similar to Torch (mayby because kite profile is so similar) but with a “low V” rather than (this dumbass, worthless) “Y split” of power lines you could feel the kite better. It has a very good pop and slack. After landings kite drifts exactly like hadlowpro which is very cool. It’s not the same kite for sure as flexi, because many things are diffrent, but 6-line and new design put Chaos on top of the game in upcoming season for sure. And if you don’t belive me just consider this whole text as a bunch of bullshit and try the kite by yourself. I hope you will like it then.

Here’s a product clip and a short explanation of new Chaos:

I will be using my new kites pretty soon in Poland so for sure I’ll get to know all settings better and see how much this kite can do.


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