some last thoughts about El Gouna

25 Apr

Hello there!

I’m back in Poland since last week so I thought it would be nice to sum up Spring Jamboree 2015. It has been maybe my best trip to Egypt so far- conditions were really amazing. I spent most of the time on the water kiting but also went few times to Sliders cable park and it was perfect. So once again I’ll invite you to a little photo story from my trip.

photo credit: Piotr & Jan Szlagowski

Everything starts here- typical view from RSZ on a windy day. When we came there it was quiet and first couple of days we enjoyed on an empty spot since not so many people were in El Gouna that time.




Although it was windy most of the time, we had few days with very strong and cold wind. One session with side off-shore was gnarly. Gusty wind but complately flat water waited for me then.






Thats how our Easter breakfest looked like



…and some other “food treatments”. STRAWBERRIES !!!



So I got fat.



Sunsets in Egypt are beautiful





Finally the day of Spring Jamboree start came


many people arrived and I was excited to take part in the event. this is openning skipers meeting



when it wasn’t windy we did some wakeboarding. Durring Spring Jamboree all competitors could go to cable park for a sesh to keep us busy all the time








I tried some new obsticles and tricks. One I’m happy about was frontblind and I learned that C-rail isnt so bad.




of course good old funbox was my favourite one.



these are some riders from the event.




I did all my best and in the end I took second place in freestyle and I won best trick contest. Here are some pics from the competition.




It was fantastic two weeks. We got lucky with conditions and had a great time in El Gouna. Now back to REAL life.




Sliders cable park anihilation

20 Apr

I’m not good at wakeboarding but maybe at least I will learn to ride “OK” some day- who knows.

here is my first attempt of frontblind.

Spring Jamboree photo story

17 Apr

Here’s a little post from fantastic kite event in El Gouna.


photo credit: Piotr & Jan Szlagowski

I had some really good sessions over last 2 weeks…




I enjoyed riding for myself on clear flat water. Lagoon wasn’t so good this time because of high tide hours, but I had my waterproof music set so even cruising here and there was cool.


I tried some big moves when there was no one watching…


at Spring Jamboree was completely different. So many guys came to compete and I had a blast to ride against them- even though it was a chill event I liked the idea to do heats again.




we also spent a lot of time on the beach to watch other riders, especially juniors who had their heat reran 2 times because of the wind. it was hot and everybody was excited so we didn’t mind that.



I managed to win “low wind” best trick contest with a sweet MOBE 5


the whole day was a bit chaotic because of the wind which was changing all the time. Luckily we did the best trick and even Russians who were always lost (they made the whole event just crazy and super fun!) showed some skill. Look how many of us was there!!!



thanks to Sliders cable park we also did some wakeboarding during the event. I had so much fun to hit all these features with my friends.



I learned grabbed tantrums which now are just simple shit but mayby some day I will upgrade them. mobydicks or blind landings?


of course we filmed some tricks on gopro



and I was really happy to go there when I wasn’t kiting.



So to sum up Spring Jamboree I have to say that it was an amazing event with many cool people. It was my first time to take part in it and I had so much fun. Hope to see you guys on the water next year too!






unofficial edit from Sliders cable park

17 Apr

finally some 2015 riding in Egypt

28 Mar


Lately I’ve been to El Gouna to start my 2015 season there. It’s been a nice two weeks which fortunately I spend with some old friends from Polska. We all were kiting in Red Sea Zone kiteschool. I always go there and I really like El Gouna when I have some free time durring winter/spring to organize a quick trip there. This time during our first week we had solid wind for 9 and 11’s. Second week was unfortunately poor and we only managed to to kite on our last day. In between it was windless and got really hot. I spend most of those days riding in Sliders cable park which was just a short walk from our apartment.


I was a bit nervous before my first session cause it’s been a longest time without kiting for me (5 months- shiiiit!). Somehow I managed not to kill myself on a first day and after few hours even ride quite all right, I guess. Didn’t forgot how to throw good old mobe5 and fbm at least but I struggled so much with dblsbends- that’s one trick that you will always forget after some time off the water. I felt also complately stupid when trying KGBs. Although I could land them it was nothing like last year when grabs and blind landings were just laughable.


I had a great time in Sliders cable. First of all I was riding a lot with Jeroen which was funny as hell and just to choose between two cables with diffrent obsticles for the whole day was a blast. I think I will try to spend more time this year on cables. Especially when lame riding allows you to progres a lot every single day which is my case for sure.


To sum up I’m very happy with my new kites and wakeboard which finally works well. Without bullshit kites are awesome this year so I hope gay graphic design and that hidious bedspring on a depower line will soon be banished or fixed in any other way. That would make almost perfect kite. If we’re on “cabrinha” topic then I can also say few words about their bindings. Even though they look (in my opinion) DUMB, like some skiboots from late 80’s they are AWESOME. 3 straps which is a solution I’ve never been a fan here work surprisingly well. They are very light and most of all comfortable.


That’s about it. Great thanks to RedSeaZone and Sliders crew, I had great time as always!


here’s a little edit for you:



story behind the SEASON’S END

14 Dec

For everybody who hasn’t seen it yet here’s my newest video. Those who are interested in more than some gay descriptions from kite portals you can read my story behind the video as well.

The story:

“It was amazing to shoot another video with Dzida Production (check their website here: In just one day we managed to film sort of my season’s summary. Maybe it wasn’t a perfect time to do it- weather was dull, grey sky and cold water set the unpleasent, harsh mood which we definatelly felt after a few hours behind the camera and on the water.  For sure it was something diffrent to sessions that most of the “kiting industry” (as they like to say nowadays) were enjoing probably in Brazil as it was the begining of October when we met to film.

Even the whole situation of this so called project was pretty intresting. I only managed to work on the video because I didn’t  fly to Greece which was the orginal plan of how I would spend last weeks before I’m starting studing again. I was ready to leave as soon as I ended my last exam in September but unfortunately I missed a plane due to the invalid ID which expired something like 20 days before the flight. So I was pretty pissed that insted of having great time there I will have to waste well deserved two weeks off on crappy kiting in Poland.

Fortunately there were some friends at home to kite with and so with quite a nice forecast I managed to have few cool sessions with Maciek all over Hel and Rewa. Conditions were really unexpected all the time, we had sun, rain, even a storm once but in general it was pretty swell. Actually I thought I had the best time on the water durring this year. Of course that ment I was just furious every time I went out cause I knew what I was missing on Rhodes. I sweared a lot and was ready to kill anyone getting in a way especially in Rewa where the spot is always crowded. To calm me down I had music with me and I just didn’t care about others out there. In fact I was also hard on myself cause it was almost sure that those will be my last kiting days of the year. How I have survived those crashes I don’t know to this day. So angry as f@ck I had splendid few days which worked  really great for me in the end.

Finally the wind stopped blowing and I was ready to pack all kites and wait for another season. Then Mleczny from Dzida Production called me and said about making a video the following week. We agreed to wait for a good forecast and finally we met in Rewa to shoot. It was cold, not even 10C so of course I thought in the morning about all these lucky motherf@ckers that have a blast on Cauipe and started to pump my 13m. Thankfully it went pretty smooth and durring 2 sessions we maneged to film almost everything we wanted.

Music for the movie is a great classic of course but I also really wanted it after watching one of Raph Derome’s videos which everybody should know.

I hope we’re going to film another video with Dzida next year and that’s it for now. Thanks for my sponsors who helped me durring this season and made projects like this movie possible. That would be SU-2 kiteboarding, Cabrinha,, X-1 Audio and Physio&Therapy.”




new video dropping!

21 Nov

Finally a new video from Dzida Production is ready! We filmed it in October durring one day only. Weather wasn’t so wonderful then and for sure it wasn’t warm. But despite all that I had a great day and after two crazy sessions we could say (exhuasted but happy) that we had done a pretty good job. You will see results on Manday anyway so I hope you’ll like it.

The video is called KONIEC SEZONU which means Season’s End.


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